stringendo (stringendo) wrote in jazz_royalty,

Undecided Music Major...

Hello All. I have recently got a partial scholarship due to my musical talents but I am torn into what Iam actually going to Major in. I play all the woodwinds proficiently as well as all the brass'.And in Strings Cello and bass. I love playing Classical/Dixieland/Jazz?any kind of music really on all of my instruments. And when Iam asked what instrument i am going to take to college I have absolutly NO idea! I dont have a fav. instrument because i like em all the same. I was fixed for awhile that i was going to major in Music Education and teach youngsters but I keep hearing from my Music Teachers that there is not alot of jobs for that. I was also thinking about sound engineering or musicology. I just need some advice since no one really can relate. Thanks.
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