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Hello All. I have recently got a partial scholarship due to my musical talents but I am torn into what Iam actually going to Major in. I play all the woodwinds proficiently as well as all the brass'.And in Strings Cello and bass. I love playing Classical/Dixieland/Jazz?any kind of music really on all of my instruments. And when Iam asked what instrument i am going to take to college I have absolutly NO idea! I dont have a fav. instrument because i like em all the same. I was fixed for awhile that i was going to major in Music Education and teach youngsters but I keep hearing from my Music Teachers that there is not alot of jobs for that. I was also thinking about sound engineering or musicology. I just need some advice since no one really can relate. Thanks.

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So today I got the 3rd trombone part for "Fresno's Finest Jazz Band." Its not the first part but I think im pretty lucky. My Director is leading the band so he said he'd be fair and let the other schools in the district put their kids and then put whoever in our band that he needs. I only know one of my competition, Shadow Garza, I dont know if its a girlor a boy but IT can only hit a G...i can go up to a Db. Im hoping we'll audition and I can get the first part.

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Hey guys just wondering if anyone is going to the Monterey jazz festival on March 3 if so tell me. My friends and I are looking to hang out with someother musicians.

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Hey there eerybody. m new to the community and all, thanks for being so accepting and wonderful.

I'm looking for an mp3 of 'Mississippi Mud', the vesion recorded by the Frank Trumbauer Orchestra with Irene Taylor on vocals. Does anybody have this? Isn't it the greatest song?

Thanks for any help.

xox Jimmy
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im new

hey, the name's Erin. I'm from Baton Rouge, LA (an hour from New Orleans)...I've been doing some jazz piano for a few years but really started getting more into it lately. Mmm, I'm really into guys like Bill Evans, Art Tatum, Thelonius Monk, Ray Charles, Miles Davis(duh), Charlie Parker, Jaco...and the list goes on. Cool, well...good to finally find a community like this one. :)
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Excited and stupid.

I'm so excited to find this community... and yet, I'm a moron b/c I don't know how to save the "membership button" in order to put it in my user info. I have never been able to save moving icons... can someone let me know how?

I'm not sure if these means I'm crazy or cool, but I named my first pets (two parakeets) Ella & Louis. I used to put Ella on at night and they would sway back and forth slowly, their eyes half-closed.
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